long ago ...
in a place far away,
began a
musical journey.
and now Paul becomes ...

"21st Century Paaul"

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"Paaul" is a pseudonym for the 21st Century Paul Ramsdell Seymour. We wish to invite you to join our Patreon Membership and "keep the hits a comin'".

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Coming in the 21st Century from ...




Lotsa new stuff, love songs lovey dovey stuff, Metal Big Band Stuff, maybe some Blues Stuff, remakes of never beens stuff ... Some instrumental stuff and yes, in this 21st Century, a new fashioned Symphony, you know like Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Mozart's 29th Symphony (29th??? - whoo who) and Dvorak 9th Symphony, "From the New World". There won't be too much stuff. Stay tuned.
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