long ago ...
in a place far away,
began a
musical journey.
and now Paul becomes ...

"21st Century Paaul"

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"Paaul" is a pseudonym for the 21st Century Paul Ramsdell Seymour. We wish to invite you to join our Patreon Membership and "keep the hits a comin'".

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Now on the Web ... an entertainer and songwriter we hope you'll believe is one of the Most Versatile Songwriters, Composers, and Musicians ever.




Who is Paaul or Paul? Songwriter, Composer ... Musician, Storyteller? You will come to know the many sides and personalities of Paaul. There will also be plenty of surprises revealed as time passes. You may not know what to listen to, or experience first. There may even be a side of Paaul you have the chance to hear already ... if you search far enough ...
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